Troubled Waters

For every song a wailing breath

To every tale, an embittered truth.

My heart ticks after the tocks,

The horror of my lonely loneliness.

Locked beneath the summer snow;

I am the phoenix without her flames.

The blackness of day, no sun could illuminate,

The tears of my breath, i cry to emancipate.

Find me a door that i may escape

Or hide from the world, my aches with a cape.

My feet, bleached and bleeding, as i walked the desert,

The storm never ends, yea, my ship lay wreck.

Free me from this troubled past,

Save me from the naked axe

Find me the ocean, that i may swim the years

Lest i be made a slave, enslaved by my fears.


Author: kennievevah

the ever learning, ever growing artist of the arts

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