Monochrome Dreams

Into the darkness, I rode;

Drowned the swollen ashes

The wonders of a wandered soul

Illusion of a magician’s sorcery.

Madness of the subconscious

The mind, My mind, drifting afar

Lost in motion…

A Dream unending

So real, the confusion.

On those crystal balls;

I bounced to infinity.

No form of the known

For I was asleep and lost without colors

No patterns nor rhythm

my monochrome dream

My zebra story.

I saw the skies,

I trekked the distance like twas the earth.

I saw the moon;

A smile she gave, but I felt her pain

I saw the waters,

Hot lava it was, my thirst grew hungered.

I saw life

The pulchritude my epiphany,

I was still asleep.

Wake me up, to breathe again;

Oxygen, the air that giveth life

Floated, i have, for far too long,

Wake me up

from my monochrome dream.

Image art and title by RhapsodyBoheme

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Author: kennievevah

the ever learning, ever growing artist of the arts

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