I lost sight of the light

Rotting in the dark, my shadows and blacks

Nothing made anymore sense than the nonsense whose bell rang constantly at the backdoors of my mind

But still I wouldn’t give.

I was tired of it all;

I wanted an end.

As I paced to and fro, the streets of the estate,

A legion of one voice called out.

Must have been telepathic, since only i could hear.

I looked round and saw the beautifully adorned mini tree

whose branches had drunk from the first wine of Jesus’ wonders.

Pulchrified beyond imagination.

It was she who called me,

Spoke to me,

She Sang to me, for it was indeed the language of music.

At her feet i sat and was lost even further.

But in the end, my light had returned

I looked like a fool, sitting on the grounds, staring so closely at a flowered tree

But in the end, She taught me what to do.

I had received a new meaning to life

And a new hope i had caught.

I got up, smiled at the skies, and marched forth to the gates of my house.

The pacing paid off

And i basked in my glow.


Author: kennievevah

the ever learning, ever growing artist of the arts

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