Don’t worry, Be happy

(not a poem)

So I’m simply writing today, not trying to make an artistically poetic piece or anything like that.. the image above doesn’t exactly lead in the direction of a poem.

I hope you like it still.

A wise man once said

“worry is an attempt to control the future and it doesn’t work”

A wise man once meant

You need to work hard enough to make sure the present is well placed…

else the time you’ll spend regretting will be greater than the years of the worries.

Tomorrow is still a mystery

Stop concerning yourself about what’s going to happen on a day you probably won’t see.

Now’s the time you need to make work.

Now’s the time you need to live for.

Be happy, smile, laugh, dream, plan, execute, live.

Only you can mould you into something,

You cannot achieve that if you let the worries of life cloud your mind.

Be still, live for today, let God Handle tomorrow. He alone has seen it. Matt 6:34

Image by: Pst. Joshua Okpara


Author: kennievevah

the ever learning, ever growing artist of the arts

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