Confession by Phoenix Lyrics

*Verse 1*

You who rules the world, gives life with every word,
I have come to give my all to you oh Lord.
You who made the waters part, daily impart,
I have come with nothing else but a simple heart

You are God
You are God

*Verse 2*
You who made the sun, in love gave us your son;
I humbly bow withholding nothing, to you i run.
You have been, you are and still forever you’ll be;
My heart, my mind, my soul and everything, I’ll give.

You are God
You are God

You are God 10x (repeat)

You are the most high God
The lion of the tribe of judah
Mighty man in battle
Na you be my papa

(Music fades)



Looking outside the shimmering silver framed windows
I’m reminded constantly, how hard the pillows
The path that tore us from each other
And made us sky above and sea below

Looking outside on hot summer’s eve
All i could see was the moon’s own beam
Night was the day, when day was away
Each moment was gray, no color in may

Looking outside in morning’s dew
My most cherished chore when i miss you
We both made a promise, no adieus
But you’ve lost me and i, my muse


All it takes is a smile

The problems might be a while

The darkness may run the mile

But all it takes is a smile

A simple smile in every life

And a light will shine forth

Even through the blackest of nights.

Don’t worry, Be happy

(not a poem)

So I’m simply writing today, not trying to make an artistically poetic piece or anything like that.. the image above doesn’t exactly lead in the direction of a poem.

I hope you like it still.

A wise man once said

“worry is an attempt to control the future and it doesn’t work”

A wise man once meant

You need to work hard enough to make sure the present is well placed…

else the time you’ll spend regretting will be greater than the years of the worries.

Tomorrow is still a mystery

Stop concerning yourself about what’s going to happen on a day you probably won’t see.

Now’s the time you need to make work.

Now’s the time you need to live for.

Be happy, smile, laugh, dream, plan, execute, live.

Only you can mould you into something,

You cannot achieve that if you let the worries of life cloud your mind.

Be still, live for today, let God Handle tomorrow. He alone has seen it. Matt 6:34

Image by: Pst. Joshua Okpara


When it seems like the sorrow is unending

And the pain feels far from over

Close your eyes


When the storm is over

And all tears are wiped away

Close your eyes

Worship still

Hold your breath

Realise it’s all a phase

Close your eyes

Don’t stop worshipping

Sing if you must

Dance if you must

Let your insides have a voice

Close your eyes


In strength and in weakness

When it rhymes or does not

When the tune is peaceful

And when it’s all noise

Close your eyes

Worship still

It’s not about you

It’s not about perfection

It’s not about the place.

He seeks the purity of your truth

He seeks your spirit

He is a spirit

And they that worship him

Must do so in spirit and in truth.

Image taken At- All Sufficient Parish Old Skool Praise/Worship night.


I lost sight of the light

Rotting in the dark, my shadows and blacks

Nothing made anymore sense than the nonsense whose bell rang constantly at the backdoors of my mind

But still I wouldn’t give.

I was tired of it all;

I wanted an end.

As I paced to and fro, the streets of the estate,

A legion of one voice called out.

Must have been telepathic, since only i could hear.

I looked round and saw the beautifully adorned mini tree

whose branches had drunk from the first wine of Jesus’ wonders.

Pulchrified beyond imagination.

It was she who called me,

Spoke to me,

She Sang to me, for it was indeed the language of music.

At her feet i sat and was lost even further.

But in the end, my light had returned

I looked like a fool, sitting on the grounds, staring so closely at a flowered tree

But in the end, She taught me what to do.

I had received a new meaning to life

And a new hope i had caught.

I got up, smiled at the skies, and marched forth to the gates of my house.

The pacing paid off

And i basked in my glow.

Hide And Seek

I’m seeking hidden self

I’m hiding from a seeking me

In a realm of rock and rust

The Play rewritten, hide and seek

On nothingness street, my quest begins

Lucid confusion, the journey unending

How can I escape the drama?

How can it all be made stop?

How can tomorrow have it’s meaning?

If I still am incomplete

See, I’m seeking hidden me

Through moving waters, and broken mirrors

I hide from seeking me